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Noorte vahetus Türgis 15.-25. juuli

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  1. Tere!

    Pakkuda noortevahetus Türgis 16-25 juuli

    Name of the project: Under the Same Old Sky

    Aim of the project: The main aim of our project is, to get
    rid off prejudices, to get to know each other’s culture more and to
    create a common understanding among young people in a peaceful
    atmosphere by using astronomy, different stories and legends about the
    stars as a tool with interactive techniques such as drama, workshops,
    simulation games, field works and etc.

    Date of the project: 16 – 25 July 2011 (arrival and departure included)

    Venue of the project: Ankara

    Participating countries and organizations: ESTYES-Estonia, LUNARIA-Italy, SOLIDARITES JEUNNESSE-France and GSM-Turkey

    Number of participants: 6 participants and 1 group leader, a total of 7 people from each country

    Maximum amounts for Travel for Exchange:

    ESTYES: 350 Euro per person (70% of 500 Euro)

    Osalemiseks saada kiri

    Osalustasu 70 eurot, liikmemaks 18 eurot ja resikuludest 30%
    tuleb tasuda ise. 70% reisikuludest kaetakse ja elamine ja söömine on

    Oma soovist tuleb teatada

    Wiedemanni 3, 10126 Tallinn, Estonia
    tel +372 6013098